“Your selection of things is mostly the reflection of your thoughts, inner feelings, and character.”
― Ehsan Sehgal

Confused about Choices?

The continuous bombardment of information, meaningful or not, has complicated our life beyond imagination. In general having more options to choose from, is considered good. But having a lot of choices, without having the tools to select the best one is a nightmare.

For some, the process of selection is a routine part of their job, however for most others it can become overwhelming.

Particularly when the result of your selection can have a long term impact on your life, you want…

A lot has been said about skills of a product manager. No doubt it is a highlighted position in any product company. However the majority of work actually happens in the engineering labs, where the product takes shape. The abilities of the product developer can greatly influence the outcome.

Beyond the technical skills required for development, which can also vary by the product being developed, a number of soft skills play a very important role.

In my many years of work experience, developing software product, I came across a few skills worth mentioning. I have also narrated a few experiences…

Makarand Vaidya

Promoter Director at CoreView Systems Private Limited

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